PIT VIPER Rod Support

Part Number 117520SX

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Pin Retention Upgrade

All Hardware Secured

Prevent Falling Objects

Fully Lock Wired

Adjustable Clamp

Improved Clevis

Block Stop Included

Auto Greasing

Pre Filled Hosing

CFM’s Service Exchange – Rod Support

Complete Field Maintenance continue to adapt and support the continuous growth of the Epiroc Pit Viper Drill Rig Fleets throughout Western Australia. Whether you're looking to redefine your planned maintenance schedule or require urgent supply for a machine down situation. CFM's service exchange program is here to help.

Side view of CFM's rod support module for Pit Viper drill rigs

What to Expect from CFM

Our Pit Viper Rod Support Service Exchange Module is designed to out perform the OEM. Here’s what sets our module apart:

Upgraded Pin Retention
  • Prevent Falling Objects: Additional retainer caps to prevent the pins from passing through the bores.
  • Secure & Reliable: Revised Pin retainers secured with Nordloc washers and lock wired cap screws.
  • Backwards Compatible: Our upgrade is completely backwards compatible with OEM.
Main Pivot Upgrade
  • Manufactured from tougher material.
  • Maximising life expectancy.
  • Ensuring reliability.
Heavy duty mounting plate
  • Heavier duty clamp cylinder mounting plate.
  • Strengthened swing cylinder clevis weldment.

All hydraulic cylinders are tested, all mounting hardware is secured with lock-wire, right down to the hosing stauff clamp retainer bolts. All grease hosing is not only pre-purged, we also run multiple central lube cycles to unsure each injector is firing and all pins are receiving its share of grease.
Our hosing is fully spiral wrapped and Stauff clamped.



Quality Built

At CFM we recognize the importance to deliver a product that just works.

We validate the material grade and quality by testing the material with our Spectro Analyser. Our rod supports are manufactured to meet AS1554 SP, and we ensure our welders competency via weld testing to ISO 9606 specifications. Prior to dispatch, our team ensure that the unit is fully operational and passes our quality assurance checks.

Our service exchange rod support module provides a hassle free installation requiring minimal commissioning, providing a practical solution to minimizing your down time and meeting targets.

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Built Tuff

How does CFM ensure its product will survive its harsh environment?

Simple, when you speak we listen!

Liaising with our customers has allowed our team to identify, adapt and improve our products to ensure they are Built Tuff enough to go the distance.

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At CFM, we also stock a wide range of related products for the Pit Viper Rod Support Module. Whether you’re looking for pins, bushes, cylinders, rod clamps, weldments, or full hose change-out kits, we’ve got you covered.


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